Special Taps

Custom Made to Meet All of Your Needs

In addition to the wide variety of standard and semi-special taps, Reiff & Nestor also carries a large number of special taps in stock for immediate shipment. Along with these finished taps Reiff & Nestor also carries a very large inventory of high-speed steel blanks that can be finished to special pitches, special pitch diameters (oversize or undersize), special thread forms, left hand or right hand, etc., all in reasonable delivery time. It is always recommended from a cost and delivery standpoint to use standard taps whenever possible, but due to the every-growing number of highly specialized applications this is not always possible. When these special applications arise, it is recommended to stay with blank dimensions when at all possible.

Specials can be manufactured in any quantity from one to several thousand. In these cases, prices are governed by quantity ordered, in which Reiff & Nestor’s sales and engineering departments will be more than happy to quote your every need.

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