(STI) Screw Thread Insert Taps

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STI Straight Flute Taps

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STI Straight Flute Taps
EDP NumberDescriptionTap SizeDefault Surface FinishH LimitChamferNumber of FlutesPrice 1-11Price 12+
52013STI Straight Flute Taps2-56Bright FinishH-1Bottom STI3$16.05$14.60
52014STI Straight Flute Taps2-56Bright FinishH-1Plug STI3$16.05$14.60
52022STI Straight Flute Taps2-56Bright FinishH-2Plug STI3$16.05$14.60
52023STI Straight Flute Taps2-56Bright FinishH-2Bottom STI3$16.05$14.60
54012STI Straight Flute Taps4-40Bright FinishH-1Plug STI3$14.38$13.08
54013STI Straight Flute Taps4-40Bright FinishH-1Bottom STI3$14.38$13.08
54022STI Straight Flute Taps4-40Bright FinishH-2Plug STI3$14.38$13.08
54023STI Straight Flute Taps4-40Bright FinishH-2Bottom STI3$14.38$13.08
54112STI Straight Flute Taps5-40Bright FinishH-1Plug STI3$14.38$13.08
54113STI Straight Flute Taps5-40Bright FinishH-1Bottom STI3$14.38$13.08
54122STI Straight Flute Taps5-40Bright FinishH-2Plug STI3$14.38$13.08
54123STI Straight Flute Taps5-40Bright FinishH-2Bottom STI3$14.38$13.08
54222STI Straight Flute Taps6-32Bright FinishH-2Plug STI3$14.38$13.08
54223STI Straight Flute Taps6-32Bright FinishH-2Bottom STI3$14.38$13.08
54232STI Straight Flute Taps6-32Bright FinishH-3Plug STI3$14.38$13.08
54233STI Straight Flute Taps6-32Bright FinishH-3Bottom STI3$14.38$13.08
54312STI Straight Flute Taps6-40Bright FinishH-1Plug STI3$14.38$13.08
54313STI Straight Flute Taps6-40Bright FinishH-1Bottom STI3$14.38$13.08
54322STI Straight Flute Taps6-40Bright FinishH-2Plug STI3$14.38$13.08
54323STI Straight Flute Taps6-40Bright FinishH-2Bottom STI3$14.38$13.08
54422STI Straight Flute Taps8-32Bright FinishH-2Plug STI3$14.38$13.08
54423STI Straight Flute Taps8-32Bright FinishH-2Bottom STI3$14.38$13.08
54432STI Straight Flute Taps8-32Bright FinishH-3Plug STI3$14.38$13.08
54433STI Straight Flute Taps8-32Bright FinishH-3Bottom STI3$14.38$13.08
54522STI Straight Flute Taps10-24Bright FinishH-2Plug STI3$14.95$13.61
54523STI Straight Flute Taps10-24Bright FinishH-2Bottom STI3$14.95$13.61
54532STI Straight Flute Taps10-24Bright FinishH-3Plug STI3$14.95$13.61
54533STI Straight Flute Taps10-24Bright FinishH-3Bottom STI3$14.95$13.61
54622STI Straight Flute Taps10-32Bright FinishH-2Plug STI3$14.95$13.61
54623STI Straight Flute Taps10-32Bright FinishH-2Bottom STI3$14.95$13.61